MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
20220217 - ci-build

Example Bundle: Bundle including matching Organization resources to indicate search result returned

Bundle mr-bundle-organization-200-search of type searchset

Entry 1 - Full URL =

Search:mode = match

Resource Organization:

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "ade47c8c-9eed-11ea-a6fa-3f7e286deed9"

Information Source: urn:uuid:736b6dd8-c989-11e5-a45e-9b49d42b14a9!

Profile: MediRecords Core Organisation

identifier: HPI-O: 8003627500000328

active: true

type: Healthcare Provider (Organization type#prov)

name: Healthy Live Clinic


*ph: 1234567890(WORK), sarahstone@c.comJohnson Street Sydney NSW 1200