MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
1.3.0 - release

Example Bundle: Webhook Bundle for diagnostic-report.created event

Bundle 7473fc5d-cc62-457e-ad07-112f25af56bb of type collection

Entry 1 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:e918612d-b76f-4eac-b4ce-1a7d26285b00

Resource DiagnosticReport:

Tests name

SubjectMila female, DoB: 1990-11-29 ( Medicare Number: 32788511952 (period: (?) --> 2025-02))
When For2022-04-03 14:00:00+0000

Report Details

Results: for pathology

Entry 2 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9c

Resource Patient:

Mila Female, DoB: 1990-11-29 ( Medicare Number: 32788511952 (period: (?) --> 2025-02))

Entry 3 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054

Resource Practitioner:

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

Resource Practitioner "6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054"

Profile: MediRecords Core Practitioner

identifier: HPI-I: 8003610833334085

active: true

name: John Smith

telecom: ph: 0410999888(MOBILE),, ph: 0212450987(WORK)

gender: MALE

birthDate: 1978-04-08


code: Doctor of Medicine (degreeLicenseCertificate#MD)


code: MB chB(Hons) ()

Entry 4 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:83d8e6e6-1371-11eb-960a-9350949d0a5c

Resource Organization:

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "83d8e6e6-1371-11eb-960a-9350949d0a5c"

Profile: MediRecords Core Organisation

identifier: HPI-O: 8003627500000328, ABN: 83914571673

active: true

type: Healthcare Provider (Organization type#prov)

name: West Core Practice


*ph: 1234567890(WORK), west@test.medirecords.com48 Grey Street Frankston North VIC 3200

partOf: Organization/ade47c8c-9eed-11ea-a6fa-3f7e286deed9 "Healthy Live Clinic"