MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
1.3.0 - release



MediRecords has designed a comprehensive set of FHIR API’s that allows third party developers to build applications by creating, modifying, and querying patient and clinical data stored in MediRecords EHR.

The API’s returns JSON responses that are formatted according to FHIR standards . FHIR is a HL7 specification for seamless transfer of healthcare information electronically. The standardized resource types make application development simpler.

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FHIR API Capability

MediRecords supports the following FHIR® API covering the Patient’s demographic and clinical details.

The table below will be updated periodically as MediRecords publishes new APIs:

Legend: C - Create, R - Read, U - Update, D - Delete, S - Search

FHIR® Resource REST API Webhook MediRecords Profile
AllergyIntolerance CRUDS CUD MRAllergyIntolerance
Condition CRUDS CUD MRCondition
DocumentReference R CUD MRDocumentReferenceIn
Encounter CRUDS CU MREncounter
EpisodeOfCare R CUD MREpisodeOfCare
FamilyMemberHistory CRUDS   MRFamilyMemberHistory
HealthcareService R   MRHealthcareService
Immunization RS CUD MRImmunisation
Location R   MRLocationAdmission
MedicationRequest RS CUD MRMedicationRequest
Observation RS CUD MRObservationVitalSignBodyHeight
Organization R   MROrganisation
Patient CRUDS CUD MRPatient
Practitioner R   MRPractitioner
PractitionerRole R   MRPractitionerRole
ServiceRequest R CUD MRDiagnosticRequest
Task R   MRDiagnosticRequestFulillmentTask


The MediRecords API uses OAuth 2.0 bearer token authentication to authenticate requests. To use your OAuth bearer token, you need to assign it to your request header as an authentication value.

Example. If your OAuth bearer token is db3efb4e-82bb-4bbb-997b-b5a3c39ce7e2, send this token in each request in your request header.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.

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