MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
1.3.0 - release

Example Bundle: Webhook Bundle for document-reference.created event for DocumentReference In

Bundle ff5d5bb4-50fb-4e49-bd70-31643b5853e6 of type collection

Entry 1 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:b3e2c87b-02ec-4ce0-afd0-eede2d0b3204

Resource DocumentReference:

Generated Narrative: DocumentReference

Resource DocumentReference "b3e2c87b-02ec-4ce0-afd0-eede2d0b3204"

Profile: MediRecords DocumentReference In

Security Labels:

MediRecords DocumentReference Recipient Extension: See above (Practitioner/6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054: Dr John Smith)

MediRecords DocumentReference Title Extension: Greetings, Test Message

status: CURRENT

docStatus: FINAL

type: Referral note (LOINC#57133-1)

category: Letter (LOINC#51852-2)

subject: See above (Patient/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9c)


See above (Encounter/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9g)

date: Nov 17, 2021, 2:56:18 PM

author: : Allied Health External Clinic

custodian: See above (Organization/ade47c8c-9eed-11ea-a6fa-3f7e286deed9: Healthy Live Clinic)




Entry 2 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054

Resource Practitioner:

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

Resource Practitioner "6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054"

Profile: MediRecords Core Practitioner

identifier: HPI-I: 8003610833334085

active: true

name: John Smith

telecom: ph: 0410999888(MOBILE),, ph: 0212450987(WORK)

gender: MALE

birthDate: 1978-04-08


code: Doctor of Medicine (degreeLicenseCertificate#MD)


code: MB chB(Hons) ()

Entry 3 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9c

Resource Patient:

Mila Female, DoB: 1990-11-29 ( Medicare Number: 32788511952 (period: (?) --> 2025-02))

Entry 4 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:ade47c8c-9eed-11ea-a6fa-3f7e286deed9

Resource Organization:

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "ade47c8c-9eed-11ea-a6fa-3f7e286deed9"

Information Source: urn:uuid:736b6dd8-c989-11e5-a45e-9b49d42b14a9!

Profile: MediRecords Core Organisation

identifier: HPI-O: 8003627500000328

active: true

type: Healthcare Provider (Organization type#prov)

name: Healthy Live Clinic


*ph: 1234567890(WORK), sarahstone@c.comJohnson Street Sydney NSW 2000

Entry 5 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9g

Resource Encounter:

Not done yet