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1.4.0 - release

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ConceptMap: Country Code FHIR To MediRecords ConceptMap (Experimental)

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Draft as of 2021-08-06 Responsible: Computable Name: CountryFHIRToMR
Other Identifiers: urn:ietf:rfc:3986#Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)#urn:uuid:53cd62ee-033e-414c-9f58-4ca97b5ffc3b

Mapping of all FHIR Country codes to MediRecords Country codes

Mapping from Iso 3166 Part 1: 3 Letter Codes to

DRAFT (not intended for production usage). Published on 2021-08-06 by (MediRecords project team:

Mapping of all FHIR Country codes to MediRecords Country codes

Group 1Mapping from urn:iso:std:iso:3166|1 to|1

Source CodeRelationshipTarget Code
ABW (Aruba)is equivalent toAW (Aruba)
AFG (Afghanistan)is equivalent toAF (Afghanistan)
AGO (Angola)is equivalent toAO (Angola)
AIA (Anguilla)is equivalent toAI (Anguilla)
ALA (Eland Islands)is equivalent to
ALB (Albania)is equivalent toAL (Albania)
AND (Andorra)is equivalent toAD (Andorra)
ARE (United Arab Emirates)is equivalent toAE (United Arab Emirates)
ARG (Argentina)is equivalent toAR (Argentina)
ARM (Armenia)is equivalent toAM (Armenia)
ASM (American Samoa)is equivalent toAS (American Samoa)
ATA (Antarctica)is equivalent toAQ (Antarctica)
ATF (French Southern Territories)is equivalent toTF (French Southern Territories)
ATG (Antigua and Barbuda)is equivalent toAG (Antigua and Barbuda)
AUS (Australia)is equivalent toAU (Australia)
AUT (Austria)is equivalent toAT (Austria)
AZE (Azerbaijan)is equivalent toAZ (Azerbaijan)
BDI (Burundi)is equivalent toBI (Burundi)
BEL (Belgium)is equivalent toBE (Belgium)
BEN (Benin)is equivalent toBJ (Benin)
BES (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba)is equivalent toBQ (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba)
BFA (Burkina Faso)is equivalent toBF (Burkina Faso)
BGD (Bangladesh)is equivalent toBD (Bangladesh)
BGR (Bulgaria)is equivalent toBG (Bulgaria)
BHR (Bahrain)is equivalent toBH (Bahrain)
BHS (Bahamas)is equivalent toBS (Bahamas)
BIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)is equivalent toBA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
BLM (Saint Barthélemy):(equivalent)
BLR (Belarus)is equivalent toBY (Belarus)
BLZ (Belize)is equivalent toBZ (Belize)
BOL (Bolivia, Plurinational State of)is equivalent toBO (Bolivia, Plurinational State Of)
BMU (Bermuda)is equivalent toBM (Bermuda)
BRA (Brazil)is equivalent toBR (Brazil)
BRB (Barbados)is equivalent toBB (Barbados)
BRN (Brunei Darussalam)is equivalent toBN (Brunei Darussalam)
BTN (Bhutan)is equivalent toBT (Bhutan)
BVT (Bouvet Island)is equivalent toBV (Bouvet Island)
BWA (Botswana)is equivalent toBW (Botswana)