MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
1.3.0 - release

Example Observation: Vital Sign Heart Rate Example with component Heart Rate Rhythm

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "hrtbb6-e771-4801-ad05-63b33737189f"

Profile: MediRecords Vital Sign Heart Rate

status: final

category: Vital Signs (Observation Category Codes#vital-signs)

code: Heart Rate (LOINC#8867-4; SNOMED CT#364075005)

subject: Patient/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9c " GREY"

encounter: Encounter/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9g

effective: 2022-03-01

performer: Practitioner/6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054 " SMITH"

value: 60 /min (Details: UCUM code /min = '/min')


*Finding of heart rhythm (SNOMED CT#301112006)Normal Heart Rate (SNOMED CT#76863003)