MediRecords FHIR Implementation Guide
20220926 - ci-build

Example MedicationRequest: MediRecords Prescription Example with medication dosage instruction

Generated Narrative: MedicationRequest

Resource MedicationRequest "9bf648c6-20b9-11ec-9621-0242mr130001" Updated "2021-12-21 01:43:30+0000"

Profile: MediRecords MedicationRequest

identifier: Local Prescription Number: 4010

status: active

intent: order

priority: routine


Medication Strength: 250mg

Medication Generic Drug Name: Clarithromycin

Medication Brand Name: Klacid

MediRecords Medication Pack Size: 1x100

Extemporaneous compounded medicines indicator extension: false

code: Klacid Tablet 250mg (WHO ATC#J01FA09 "clarithromycin"; SNOMED CT#13738011000036100 "Klacid 250 mg tablet, 100")

form: Tablet ()

subject: Patient/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9c " GREY"

encounter: Encounter/1e5cae20-85bf-11e8-b401-ffccd711ad9g

authoredOn: 2021-12-21 01:43:30+0000

requester: Practitioner/6d6d7ce8-65c2-11e6-a20e-7b5deed40054 " SMITH"

reasonCode: Idiopathic hypersomnia (SNOMED CT#3731000119107)

courseOfTherapyType: continuous ([not stated]#continuous)


text: 2 Twice a Day Before meals On alternate days

additionalInstruction: Before meals (SNOMED CT#311501008 "Half to one hour before food")

timing: Starting 2021-12-21, Do 2 per 1 days, Until 2022-02-09

asNeeded: false

route: Epidural route (SNOMED CT#404820008)


*2021-12-21 --> (ongoing)0100